5 Best Places to Visit When in Portugal

Portugal is one of the hottest tourist destinations in Europe. The country boats of unique scenic walking areas, geological formations water body areas remarkably different from those in Italy, Greece, and Spain. Here are the top 5 places to visit in Portugal:

Visit Madeira Islands, the birthplace of Cristiano Ronaldo
Madeira is a group of autonomous islands cast into the pacific sea off Portugal’s coast. Being home of Cristiano Ronaldo, currently regarded to be one of the greatest football players in Europe, Madeira is a most-go for any football aficionado. You can take a cruise from Funchal and wander in the sea while watching spectacular whale and dolphin play. Spare some time for scuba diving, snorkeling, and kayaking in Gayaju Nature Reserve.

Visit Lisbon, the bustling capital of Portugal
There is a lot you can do in Lisbon, including taking the Fado walking tour through the city’s streets, taking a day trip to Cascais and Sintra and attending the magical Fadolive music events. You can take part in Lisbon Hills bike tour to discover the city’s scenic views and highlights.

Visit Porto and imbibe Portugal’s finest port wine
Porto is known internationally for its fine port wine – definitely a place to be if you’re into wines. When you’re out of the wineries, you could probably end up gobbling some seafood from street food vendors along the walkways in Riberia or going snapping photos of the captivating background behind Ponte Dom Luis bridge.

Visit Evora, the old town
Evora is a tiny town located in the plains of Alentejo in the south of Portugal. It is the best-preserved old city of Portugal and still holds the relics of the Roman Empire. Besides Roman temples and walls, the town is home to the 13-century great cathedral of Portugal plus 4,000 other historical artifacts.

The archipelago of Azores comprises of 8 volcanic islands 1,500 kilometers off Portugal’s coast. It is renowned for quaint seaside towns, hot mineral springs, and whale watching.